Our Strategy

Strategic Aims:

 In order to fulfil the Mission, G2G seeks to improve the sexual reproductive health and rights of girls and young women and safeguard them from early pregnancy and gender -based violence and all Harmful traditional practices:

  • Combat all gender-based violence injustice including, sexual exploitation, child marriage against girls and young women
  • Improve social welfare of girls and young women through skills development and income generation
  • Advocate for the eradication of female genital mutilation   
  • Improve access to and quality of basic sexuality education for the girls and young people 

Strategic Objectives:

 G2G has to meet the following objectives in order to arrive at the aims narrated in earlier section: 

  • to introduce comprehensive sexuality education within its programs
  • to improve safe space facilities 
  • to decrease gender disparity and disparity between girls through social and economic empowerment
  • to develop and support gender-based violence victims so that they advocate for and establish rights of girls and disadvantaged young women
  • to increase knowledge and skills of girls and young women to make them productive human resources through income generation
  • to establish a sound resource base (financial and others) for G2G through external resource mobilization
  • to increase self-reliance of G2G through internal resource mobilization
  • to decrease the chances of child marriage vulnerability and to contribute to transforming the lives of children to social educators.
  • to promote society free female genital mutilation 

Programme strategies

  • Create young women and girls only space to discuss sexual and reproductive health issues and information and help them to share and learn from each other.
  • Implement programmes targeting parents of teenagers- strengthening parenting skills and communication skills around SRH.
  • Provide comprehensive sexuality education which includes a focus on gender, human rights, prevention of HIV/AIDS/STI and unwanted pregnancy with includes as an integral component confidence building and negotiation skills
  • Support girls at risk to find alternative ways of generating income- including provision of skills training and opportunities.
  • Provide courses for pregnant teenagers and teenage mothers to learn how to take care of their babies.
  • Introduce more youth friendly services at the community level.
  • Raise awareness among policy makers on the issues, legislation and policies that make girls more vulnerable, including for example policies that prevent pregnant teenagers and young mothers from staying in school.
  • Improve signposting to sexual and reproductive health services to ensure young women and girls have better access