Partners and funders

Our partners

Medica Mondiale is a Non-Governmental organization based in Germany which for more than 25 years stands up for survivors of sexualised violence in war and crisis zones throughout the world. Mm offers programs for women girls to secure to secure their own livelihood and carries out political human rights work

In 2008, the founder of Medica Mondiale, Dr. Monica Hauser was awarded the Rights Livelihood Award – also known as “Alternative Nobel Prize”

G2G is in its second year of partnership with Medica Mondiale. Our partnership we cherish so much because within these two years, they have contributed to our mission of empowering and protecting women from all forms of violence. G2G is hopeful that this partnership thrives and continue.

Women’s Forum Sierra Leone

Amplify Change

Health Alert

50/50 Sierra Leone

West Africa Society Organizations Forum (WACSOF)

Coalitions and Networks

National Committee for Gender Based Violence (Nac-GBV)

Forum Against Harmful Practices Sierra Leone (FAHP SL)

Civil Society collect on teenage pregnancy and early marriage

Women’s Response to Ebola Sierra Leone (WRESL)

Funding Sources

Medica Mondiale

Amplify Change

Foundation for Women’s Health Research and Development (FORWARD UK)

Sigrid Rausing Trust


Comic Relief